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Golf Guest Information

Welcome to Mount Vernon Country Club. We look forward to serving you during your visit. To help make your visit a pleasant one, please take a moment to review the following information:

Dress Code:

Mount Vernon Country Club has been providing its members and guests with a fine dining, social, and golfing experience for over half a century. MVCC has a style that is friendly and comfortable, yet still reflects the club’s commitment to understated elegance. The MVCC dress code is designed to enhance the experience of all members and guests as well as facilitating attracting new members to the club.

The attire at MVCC is Country Club Casual, which means clothing that is respectful of other members and their guests, neat and well maintained, and appropriate to the event and the location.

Clubhouse, golf course and practice facilities:
- Gentlemen are required to wear shirts with collars and sleeves. Turtlenecks and mock turtlenecks are permitted. All shirts that are designed to be tucked in must be tucked in ( i.e. golf shirts, sports shirts).
- Caps must be worn bill forward. Shoes must be appropriate for golf and metal spikes are prohibited.
- Members and guests are requested to remove caps/visors/hat when in the main dining room at all times.
- Overly revealing clothing, halter tops, bare midriffs and pool attire (including cover-ups, flip-flops and bare feet) are not permitted.
- Clothing that is not appropriate includes blue jeans, cut-offs, gym, tennis, or running shorts, cargo shorts and warm-up or sweat suits.

Special occasions may require more formal attire or permit more casual dress.

Children age 10 and under are expected to be dressed appropriately at all times; children over age 11 and over are required to follow the dress code.

Members are responsible for adhering to dress code requirements and communicating them to their guests. Management reserves the right to request that members or guests change inappropriate attire before participating in club activities.

Questions or comments about the dress code should be directed to the General Manager.

Cell Phone / Electronic Devices Policy:


The use of cell phones to receive or make calls is prohibited in the Member’s Grill, the Dining Room, Sam’s Place, and the patio dining area, except for emergency situations. Emergency situations are defined as those involving life-threatening or safety-related issues. An individual receiving a call while in the Club should note the number and proceed to one of the “cell phone friendly areas” to return the call. Cell phone friendly areas include the locker rooms, exterior terraces (except when being used for dining), exterior walkways, and parking areas. Cell phones must be programmed for vibrate or silent mode while in the Club.

Cell phones and other electronic devices may be used to text, check email, read, or perform other silent activities anywhere on club premises.


Cell phones are permitted on the golf course and practice facilities provided the ringer is programmed for silent or vibrate mode. Please respect those around you by only using your cell phone when necessary, in a quiet and considerate manner, and without delaying play.


The use of cell phones to make or receive calls is permitted in the pool area. Please respect those around you by only using your cell phone when necessary, and in a quiet and considerate manner.

Pace of Play:

Standard play is expected to be no more than 4 hours for 18 holes. At all times groups are expected to keep up with the group in front of them, and if unable to do so, may be asked to skip a hole to gain proper position.  Slower players must permit faster players to play through.

For further information please contact the Pro Shop at 703-780-3565.

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